The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


fast Adjective.
fast-fast Adverb.
fast friend Phrase.
Fastly Verb.
fast music Phrase.
fataafat Adverb.
fataak Adjective.
Fataakdi Adjective.
Fat-a-fat Adverb.
fatafati Adjective.
Fata-fati Adjective.
Fatang Adjective.
Fatcha Noun.
Fatfati Noun.
Fatfatiya Noun.
fat gayi Exclamation.
father khan Exclamation.
fatichar Adjective.
Fati padi hai Phrase.
fattu Adjective.
fatty body Phrase.
Fauji Noun.
Fauji Kid Noun.
Fawstly Adverb.
FC Abbreviation.
FCD Abbreviation.
feedbacks Noun.
feelinga Adverb.
feelings Verb.
Fees Verb.
Feku Noun.
Fellow Noun.
female Noun.
fence shitter Adverb.
fenkana Verb.
fenny Noun.
Fevicol Noun.
fiat Noun.
Fie on you! Exclamation.
FIFA Abbreviation.