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Samosapedia is the definitive guide to South Asian lingo. Together, we’ll catalog and celebrate the rich, diverse and ever-evolving landscape of this region’s shared vernacular.

Whether you’re in India, Bangadesh, Pakistan, Trinidad, Queens or Uganda, or grew up near Brick Lane in London or the Bay Area, South Asian English is bindaas; Samosapedia is its home.

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About The Team

Vik B.

was once a total buddhu from Bangalore. During SUPW periods at St Joseph's he created so much galata and tamasha that he was subjected to routine thapads from admonishing teachers and priests. In an effort to escape the wrath of these chooth fatang priests he would hang out with his chamchas in the school canteen eating samosas and doing gandmasti. After graduating high school he spent 11 years on Brigade Road wearing his signature cooling glasses like a first class road side romeo. He then went to USA in a suitboot and all in search of big dreams and putting kai. However, he fell in love with a real Indian princess (not the ABCD or Memsahib types) and now lives in NYC with many of his other chaddi buddies from the motherland. Send it!

Arun R.

finds that despite pretensions to the contrary, he remains a porki, if not a gug naadan and a semi-professional loafer. In Montreal, he was once laathi charged by riot police for photographing separatists; in Spain, he was mistaken for a Nicaraguan chokra; and in Russia, he once skipped long lines for a roller-coaster ride because he came from the land of Tagore. Declaring New York, San Francisco and Bangalore home, he is obsessed with films like Sholay and hybrid cultural artifacts like Tintin, Asterix and Amar Chitra Katha comics. He's been caught dishoom-dishoom-ing imaginary goondas in private places like bathrooms, libraries, and canteens. He often tells many a kathai about the moist underbelly of the pipes and tubes on which Samosapedia runs. He quit his job to be a writer; here's where he ended up.

Braxton R.

is no ordinary gora. When he first heard about Samosapedia he laughed uproariously and declared he'd build it. He still points and laughs uproariously when people show up on IST. A strapping lambu who grew up in the wilds of Vermont reared by irate Norsemen, he combines a degree from Harvard with relevant startup experience, and hacks on all our code.

Arvind T.

is a scoundrel first (and foremost), and a designer next. Don't take his name. Hailing from Bengaluru he is a staunch proponent of the Adjust Madi philosophy. Oscillating repeatedly from India to The States, he realizes this is becoming less and less culturally shocking in a Hard Rock Bangalore of double glazing and second hand silicon, where a full meter of coffee is shrunk to a mere six inches by a bungling barista who balks at the terms "mysore" or "filter"... and lo! San Francisco whispers sweet things in his large ears. Back in the Mission, nonplussed, he orders a One-by-Two Super-Fat Hella-Foam Quad-Shot latte and a coffee afficionado in skinny jeans and a sleeveless plaid waistcoat watches in horror as he takes both intravenously, day dreaming fondly about cutting off auto drivers on sharp turns, painting murals on new Metro pillars, and evicting himself once more to Naad to be a creative, playful, intense changemaker. Mother promise.

Tara K.

came up with Logonathan's look, yaar. And no, macha, she simply can't help you put full ishtyle like he does.